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I had enjoyed sucking on my Uncle's cock. I told him that it felt good and
I did enjoy it, anything else would have been an obvious lie bearing in
mind the state of my dick!"Would you like to suck your Daddy's cock, Son?" Dad asked, "If you don't
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fantasised about for so long, the cock I had dreamed about was there in
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sides and tongued his hairy balls, I then took his head into my mouth and
started to take it in my mouth, I could tell by the light moans that Dad
was enjoying it."You're doing well Son, please keep going"Unable to answer and unwilling to take this beautiful meat out of my mouth,
I sucked and licked Dad's cock for all I was worth. His breathing got
heavier and heavier and I could tell that he was nearing orgasm."Keep going Son, your Daddy's going to shoot his load any second." Dad
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OH YES!"With that, hot blasts of Dad's cum shot into my mouth, I tried to hold as
much in my mouth as possible to taste it properly, I swilled it around and
wished that the taste would stay with me forever.I withdrew my mouth and looked up at my Dad, he smiled and drew me up to
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Mum was due home. Dad asked me if I had enjoyed myself and whether we could
do it again. I smiled and homemade real lolita teen said as often as he wanted!I went downstairs to watch some TV and Dad busied himself in the garage
when Mum came home. She suspected nothing.During the evening, I had a constant hard on and popped to the bathroom
several times to relieve myself, each time thinking about Dad's hairy body
and his big beautiful cock.That night, once I was in bed, I wanked off again thinking about the day,
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looked around and saw my Daddy stood there, totally naked and his cock as
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